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Whether performance-related E-mailing or co-registration, Advertise Me has a powerful and qualitative network..
Working directly with their editors, Advertise Me can put a campaign online within 48 hours.

in France and in the world

More than 240 DB partners, performance-related paid

34 millions @ in France*

18 millions @ in Spain*

15 millions @ in Italy*

2 millions @ in Portugal*

Targeting Possibility: location, age, gender.
* Non deduplicated
OUR COREG FEED PARTNERS (Coregistration Media)

in France and in the world

Network composed mainly with Commercial/Media
websites not sought by affiliation

Broadcast partners mostly exclusives

Important natural traffic resulting from peer sites

Display of the offers on sites of contents and high value-added

No pre-ticking, no incentive, no multiple ticking

As a specialist in Profile acquisition, Advertise Me works closely with many agencies concerned with providing their customers the best services.
soucieuses d’apporter une prestation de qualité à leurs clients.

We intervene upstream the project by approving all the campaign aspects (Process choice, volume, payment…) until the operational realization of the campaign.


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