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More information on the coregistration

Our solution of coregistration

This consists of providing to an internet user, who has just subscribed to the newsletter of a partner website (by affinity), ), the possibility to check a box to subscribe to the one of another advertiser (without filling its personal information again).

This subscription is totally optional. The internet user has the possibility to not subscribe to any of the newsletter and to use the partner’s website without any restrictions.

The co-registration module present in the partner website is defined by a text introducing the advertiser (or the benefits of the offer) and by its logo. Each profile is collected and processed in real-time so that the internet user receives his welcome offer as quick as possible.

The coregistration guaranties to the announcer new and active address and phone number coordinates because they have just been informed voluntarily by the prospect in order to subscribe to the service proposed on the partner website.

Coregistration : interest for the Internet user

- Proposal of offers / information targeted according to his centers of interest
- No re-seizure of its address and phone number

Coregistration : interest for the announcer

- New and valid address and phone number
- Level of implication of the high Internet user
- Payment at the performance: pay only for collected prospect


Detail of the Coregistration module :

exemple de coregistration

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